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  • Finsh the line: “Man its small in here......”

  • What type of animal was laid out in the lawn after a party in How High?

  • What kind of alcohol was mc’lovin supposed to buy for Becka? 

  • What was the name of the “bullshit weed” in Pineapple Express? 

  • What kind of blunt did they roll in Pineapple Express? 

  • Where did Ice Cube move at the end of Friday? 

  • What sport did Jamal join when he got to college in How High? 

  • Who made it out of the barn shooting alive in Pineapple Express? 

  • What was the name of the character with a neck brace in Pineapple Express? 

  • In How High, before the test who had the blunt and who had the weed? 

  • What president was said to discover the first bong in How High? 

  • Finish the line: “She wants my dick in & ...........” 

  • What was Mc’lovin’s last name? 

  • What was the truck made of in Up N Smoke? 

  • What the main characters name in Up N Smoke? 

  • Qoute this line: “ hmm Harvard, Local House, Second floor, right on the couch.” Name the movie?  

  • How many grams are in an OZ? 

  • How long does it take for a marijuana plant to blossom? 

  • What region has the oldest evidence for the inhalation of cannabis? 

  • What is the term used to purchase cannabis in Amsterdam?  

  • What year was marijuana made illegal in the us? 

  • What year did mike tyson become the youngest heavyweight champion? 

  • Whats the thc percentage of sour diesel? 

  • What was Jonah Hill addicted to drawing in Superbad?

  • What does THC stand for? 

  • What chemical reaction creates the “high affect”

  • What was the first state to legalize marijuana?

  • What year did the first state make marijuana legal for recreational use? 

  • What government document was originally wrote on hemp paper?

  • What is one of the main cures of marijuana?

  • What religion smokes during its worship service?

  • How many grams are in an 1/8 oz?

  • How many grams are in an 1/4 oz? 

  • How many grams are in an  1/2 oz?

  • What strain has the highest THC %?

  • How long does it take for a marijuana plant to fully mature? 

  • What is the name of the light source used for indoor growing? 

  • What makes a strain "hybrid"?

  • What is it called to exhale smoke from the mouth , then re-inhale thru your nose? 

  • What is the name of the movie Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa starred in? 

  • What president is on record to have smoked marijuana?

  • How what is the first step in making cannabutter? 

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